Pastor Jim Staley of Passion for Truth Ministries was remanded on October 2, 2015, eighteen days before his incarceration date.  He is currently located at USP Marion as inmate #41812-044. It is rumored that he was detained several weeks early because he has become a flight risk on account of the letter he recently sent government officials in which he claimed that he is outside the jurisdiction of the Federal Government.


Loretta Lynch_Jim Staley
Attorney General Loretta Lynch

On Sept. 30, 2015, the same day Staley terminated his work relationship with his lawyer, he sent an unusual letter to the Federal government, resorting to sovereign citizen jargon in a in an attempt to weasel his way out of his prison sentence. In his letter he stated that he “James Edgar” is “not subject to the jurisdiction of the “United States”” therefore rejecting the authority of the US Federal Government and any laws that he admitted to breaking before, claiming that they are “unconstitutional.”

Yes, just days before his incarceration for swindling senior citizens out of their life savings in a viatical settlement scam, Staley conveniently attempts to challenge the constitutionality of the very fraud laws that he broke.

He has also officially rescinded his guilty plea and is demanding a hearing where he is calling the Attorney General of the United States, Loretta Lynch, to “testify as to the veracity” of those laws. He is also calling himself “James Edgar”, and is claiming that he is the owner of a corporation called STALEY ID, JAMES EDGAR Estate d/b/a JAMES EDGAR STALEY III ©®™ (Federal straw man?).

Folks, this is not parody, you just can’t make this stuff up. These actions are clearly the last ditch effort of a desperate criminal who knows his time is short. If there were any doubts that this man was a liar trying to manipulate both the system and the people around him, those have been completely dispelled.

Screenshot of Jim’s hearing request letter.


This childish stunt will not bode well for him. By law they are required to grant Jim a hearing. But even if Jim isn’t granted a trial after that, the Federal Judge will likely add more time to Staley’s sentencing.

Jim’s obnoxious letter has been made available to the public via the FOIA. I have posted it here for your convenience but have removed his home address out of concern for the privacy of his family. Click the thumbnail below to enlarge.


Jim_Staley_Flight Risk03


.The sovereign citizen movement stems from its hypocritical stance that relies upon a flawed understanding of how the social contract works. In their case, rather than wholly obeying a country’s social contract, sovereign citizens like to cherry pick the parts that they want to follow while arguing that they’re exempt from being governed.

Sovereign Citizen (Wikipedia): “The sovereign citizen movement is a loose grouping of American and Canadian litigants, commentators, tax protesters and financial-scheme promoters.”

“Sovereign citizens” or “Sovereign individuals” are widely known for 3 things:

  • They do not recognize “Federal” authority
  • They protest taxes
  • They are often involved in financial schemes (such as quiet title mortgage schemes)

Could this account for the fact that Jim went so many years without paying his taxes as listed in the Chronology of Significant events? Could this explain why Jim squatted on his property for 33 months after his house was foreclosed, and then falsely claimed his home was paid off twice before getting a forced eviction? We believe that these things could all be connected to Jim’s warped views on US Law.

More on sovereign citizens (sovereign individuals):

policemag.com writes:

“When attempting to understand how a group or individual comes to believe in sovereignty and exemption from statutory law, you must first understand the foundation of the movement. Sovereigns take legitimate historical events and obscure common law and twist and change them to fit their particular claims or assertions. Their hope is that the ensuing confusion results in law enforcement and/or the judicial system’s unwillingness to effectively deal with them. The fact that most of their arguments and documents contain a slight hint of factual basis and an overwhelming amount of pseudo-legal language, including the mention of various acts, amendments, and treaties, only adds to the confusion. One example common to the philosophies of many sovereigns is the Theory of Redemption. This theory claims that the United States went bankrupt in 1933 when it chose to no longer use the gold standard to back up its paper currency. Needing collateral to trade and conduct commerce with other countries, the United States began to use citizens as collateral to ensure the value of its money. Subsequently, secret bank accounts, containing millions of dollars, were supposedly established by the United States Treasury Department on behalf of each citizen, or “strawman,” used as collateral. Redemption is used as a gateway by sovereigns to commit various fraudulent acts all in an attempt to “redeem their strawman” and access these non-existent secret Treasury accounts to satisfy various debts, including mortgages, cars, and credit cards.”


An individual from St.Louis informed me that Staley had made the 2nd page of the STL-Post.



Click here to read the full article as written by the St.Louis Post Dispatch.





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