Pastor-David-Robinson-PFT10/10/2015 In a bizarre, yet unsurprising twist, Pastor Staley, through his stand-in David Robinson, plead for donations on Jim’s behalf claiming that prison life is “very expensive.” That’s right. As if the digital billboard fundraiser from a couple weeks ago wasn’t stupid enough, it has come to this. Here’s what was said verbatim:

“He (Jim Staley) said to mention this, I don’t know if you guys realize it or not, but it costs you to be in prison. It actually costs money to be in prison, and it’s very expensive. The phone calls, everything are very expensive. He would like for anyone who would like to help support him while he’s in there because he doesn’t want the taxation to come down on his family finances, to tax that. And that if you pray about it, if you feel lead to do it when you donate you can just write it in your memo, “for pastor Jim” or online, when you donate online you can in the “other,” put “Pastor Jim to help offset some of the things he has to buy.”


You can listen to the audio here.

If the audio player above is unresponsive, you can listen to the audio here. 

In Pastor Dave’s efforts to garner additional funds, he resorted to making some very misleading statements. It does not “cost money to be in prison,” Staley’s stay is funded by our tax dollars. He get’s a clothing allowance, and has all his meals provided to him in the Cafeteria.

It does however cost money to buy additional goods within the prison. Any money Staley receives would simply make it easier for him to buy various products at the in-prison store (commissary), which is basically a dollar store, ran from within the prison.

Despite what Robinson says about everything being “very expensive,” the prices are fairly reasonable. Here are a few product prices from Staley’s prison:



BATTERIES 4 PK AA ———————– $1.00
CREW SOCKS———————————$I.20
TOOTHBRUSH SOFT———————-$0.95
You get the picture…

(Click Here to view the full and complete list of products Staley can buy at his prison in USP Marion) 

To add insult to injury, the Marion Commissary list says that inmates have a spending limit of $320 per month! Also, due to a recent caps on prison phone rates, phone calls now cost inmates no more than 20-25 cents per minute. At that rate, a 15 minute phone call would cost Staley no more than $3.50.

Now that we exposed the lie that prison life is “very expensive” it beg’s the question, why is PFT begging for money? Jim’s in-prison lifestyle would average at a couple hundred dollars a month, tops. He could easily earn that money in prison.

With a 7,500 sqft parsonage, a reported salary of 10k per month and a robust online DVD marketplace, the Staley’s certainly shouldn’t be affected by such a small financial burden.

We looked up the address of Staley’s church parsonage on to find it to be rather expensive. Though Jim is currently serving his 7 year sentence, his wife and children are still residing at the location (listed below). We have omitted his home address out of concern for the safety and privacy of his wife and children. These are the financial estimates for the price and rental costs of his mansion, complete with in-ground pool.

Staley home

The address of Staley’s home was listed on a recent court document made available to the public through the FOIA. Here is an audio excerpt from 2013 where Staley discussed his new home during a live stream.

As you can see, his living arrangements are completely unreasonable for a Pastor who demands tithes and offerings from his congregants. In a message given earlier this year, Staley urges his followers to donate 10 percent of their income to his ministry, claiming it is biblically required of them.

Jim Staley’s 2015 sermon “Is Tithing for Today?” as seen on Youtube. Staley teaches that congregants are required to give 10 percent of their income.

From January to November 2012, the church had revenue of $1.34 million with $89,000 in the bank, according to an official ministry video. We can assume that number likely went up as his followers grew in number over the past few years.

During Staley’s sentencing, US Attorney Dianna Collins stated that Jim Staley has an income from PFT of $10K per month, but that he has set up mechanisms so that he can use the money but it is never officially his, just so he will not have to pay restitution. She also mentioned that PFT pays the rent on his mansion.

Is prison “very expensive?” Does Jim depend on your donations to survive or are they just trying to keep the gravy train going? I think the answer presents itself when the facts are carefully weighed.

Folks, nothing about this situation is humorous. Staley’s followers are likely under some serious mind-control after enduring years of hardcore spiritual manipulation. There is no alternative explanations as to why thousands of people would continue to support a hardened criminal such as Staley, who has been proven over and over to be a liar under the guise of a spiritual leader.

We will keep you up to date as this story progresses. Click here to read last weeks update. 



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