Staley Wages Spiritual War Against The Government As He Continues to Place Outrageous Demands On A Federal Judge

PFT Newsletter. Click to Enlarge

The PFT lunacy ensues. This Hanukkah, Jim Staley (USP Marion Inmate #41812-044) will be marching around his prison 7 times as he continues to battle the Federal Government in the same way Joshua battled the evil Canaanite forces at Jericho!

The Passion For Truth Newsletter Reads, “Bring flags, tambourines, and shofars. We will be circling the PFT building seven times to symbolize the walls of Jericho falling down (Joshua 6:1-27). We are praying for spiritual breakthrough and victory as we enter the season of Hanukkah. Pastor Jim promised to be doing the same thing around the prison at the same time!”

(Editors note: If the analogy was applied correctly, wouldn’t this action infer that the PFT building is a Canaanite outpost?)

Heaven forbid Staley actually take personal responsibility for defrauding 16 elderly investors out of millions of dollars so that he could live the lifestyle of the rich and famous. No! Staley and his followers will be hijacking the true meaning of this Jewish celebration, and making it about Jim, because he is the most anointed teacher to grace this planet.

PFT Staff and congregants also engaged in spiritual warfare in front of the Thomas F. Eagleton U.S. Courthouse where Jim Staley was sentenced to 7 years for fraud. They can be seen here holding up an Ark of the Covenant replica as they pray for Jim’s freedom. 

PFT Staff/Congregants with “The Prophetess of the East” Grace Gupana pray for Staley outside the Thomas Eagleton Federal Courthouse downtown St. Louis where he was sentenced 7 years for fraud.

We aren’t certain what purpose the Ark serves. Maybe it was so that the Federal Government could have similar fate as the Nazi’s at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark?

Rather than acknowledge his guilt, Staley continues to shift blame and implement the same sovereign citizen tactics from October, referring to his non-existent federal straw-man in the third person. 

Case: 4:14-cr-00153-ERW Doc. #: 126 Filed: 11/17/15 Page: 2 of 14 PageID #: 449


The handwritten letter is 14 pages long and can be downloaded from PACER (Case: 4:14-cr-00153-ERW Doc #126). In this document, Staley goes on to lecture Hon. Judge Webber in matters of law, concluding with several bogus demands;

Staley requested that his liberties be returned to him and that, “all information related to such case be immediately expunged and permanently removed from the public record.” 


Case: 4:14-cr-00153-ERW Doc. #: 126 Filed: 11/17/15 Page: 13 of 14 PageID #: 460


If that wasn’t asking too much, Staley also demanded that the government pay his outstanding debts of 3.3 Million dollars to his fraud victims. 


Case: 4:14-cr-00153-ERW Doc. #: 126 Filed: 11/17/15 Page: 12 of 14 PageID #: 459

Because it is not based in reality, sovereign citizen pseudo law can be difficult to interpret. It appears that Staley could be suggesting that since the government did not deny being co-trustee of his federal straw man (ALL CAPS JAMES EDGAR STALEY III), they are obligated to pay 3.3 million dollars in restitution to the victims.

On Page 2 Staley writes,

“Dianna R. Collins #59641mo doing business as United States of America, was served a notice; CLAIM; Propriety that was delivered, received and accepted by her through registered mail…giving her full notice that she, Dianna R. Collins #59641mo is the fiduciary co-trustee of the all caps (straw-man) JAMES EDGAR STALEY III estate and was charged to settle /discharge any or all claims or debts against the trust property, real or personal, within the ten (10) days of said notice. Attorney Dianna R. Collins has not disclaimed being the fiduciary co-trustee, thereby agreeing to such appointments,”

So because Dianna Collins, a representative of America,  failed to deny being a fiduciary co-trustee of his federal straw man (all caps JAMES EDGAR STALEY III), he is now holding her responsible to satisfy the debts of his federal straw man? 

In the end, Staley’s argument doesn’t hold any water. November 2015, Senior US District Judge Richard E. Webber has formally responded to Staley’s Constitutional Challenge, asserting that his sovereign citizen tactics are “routinely rejected by courts as meritless”, citing several examples of such.

Lowercase or uppercase it makes no difference; He committed acts of fraud, not a straw man. Thus, he is to be held personally responsible for his fraudulent actions, not the Federal government. 

This sort of nonsense seems to be a common trend among sovereigns, attempting to use non-existent legal loopholes to satisfy outstanding debts. writes,

“When attempting to understand how a group or individual comes to believe in sovereignty and exemption from statutory law, you must first understand the foundation of the movement. Sovereigns take legitimate historical events and obscure common law and twist and change them to fit their particular claims or assertions. Their hope is that the ensuing confusion results in law enforcement and/or the judicial system’s unwillingness to effectively deal with them. The fact that most of their arguments and documents contain a slight hint of factual basis and an overwhelming amount of pseudo-legal language, including the mention of various acts, amendments, and treaties, only adds to the confusion. One example common to the philosophies of many sovereigns is the Theory of Redemption. This theory claims that the United States went bankrupt in 1933 when it chose to no longer use the gold standard to back up its paper currency. Needing collateral to trade and conduct commerce with other countries, the United States began to use citizens as collateral to ensure the value of its money. Subsequently, secret bank accounts, containing millions of dollars, were supposedly established by the United States Treasury Department on behalf of each citizen, or “strawman,” used as collateral. Redemption is used as a gateway by sovereigns (private citizens) to commit various fraudulent acts all in an attempt to “redeem their strawman” and access these non-existent secret Treasury accounts to satisfy various debts, including mortgages, cars, and credit cards.”

We believe it’s possible that Staley was using similar tactics in order to pay back the millions in losses his victims incurred. It is doubtful that Christ would advocate that sort of behavior. 

In a follow up letter, Staley again demanded that his case be sealed from the public. 

Request to seal public documents


Staley is seemingly more concerned with his reputation than the lives he has ruined through his criminal acts of fraud. You can read about them here.

A clearly fed up US Disctrict Judge Webber yet again put Staley in his place by denying his request to seal the documents, further ordering that future communications be sent to the Court of Appeals.


Staley’s Denial Letter 


Not only did Staley destroy the financial lives of 16 elderly investors through his fraudulent activities, but he continues to be a poor witness for the Kingdom as he persists in shifting blame and playing games with the authorities. Perhaps he will have better luck with his prison ministry.



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