I am a Messianic Jewish Pastor from TX pastoring a small congregation of about 10. I have over 15 years of teaching experience and have been spiritually charged as a watchman and intercessor in these final days.

I made this website for the purpose of reviewing the credibility of the public claims made by Pastor Jim Staley regarding his past involvement as a financial planner. My goal is to help you evaluate his eligibility for the office of Teacher/Pastor/Overseer in light of the ecclesiastical qualifications for leadership in the assembly [Titus 1:6-9; 1 Tim 3:2,3; 1 Peter 5:3].

You will find no character assassination/slander on this web-site.  We have simply posted the information that has been given to us through public record, You-Tube and video transcripts. Please review the information and prayerfully consider the facts.

Before I am accused of gossip or slander (lashon-harah) let me make it clear that Jim Staley himself advocates calling out sin for the well being of the corporate body.

On Oct 19, 2013,  before an international audience, Pastor Jim Staley publicly rebuked a PFT worship leader who left his congregation on bad terms. Staley went on to say:

"Just so we don't get accused of Lashon Harah or gossip, please folks, read your Bibles. This is what the Bible says to do (referencing 1 Timothy 5:20). At every local synagogue in the first century, when someone went through a Beit-Din (court hearing) and it didn't turn out good, they would gather the entire congregation and the whole congregation would know the outcome of that if it was not good. Beit-Din's (court hearings) are designed for restoration, but if they don't end in restoration and there's rebellion, you MUST tell the congregation. And let me give you an extreme example, I love extreme examples, they always illustrate my point. If someone was accused of lets say raping an 8 year old little girl, and they went through the Beit-Din (court) and it was found out that it was true. Wouldn't you want to know? If you had little children wouldn't you want to know. How would you feel if I kept that to myself, and that person was allowed to roam around and you didn't know? That's why the bible dictates that sin is not to be tolerated inside a congregation. So please forgive me for following the scriptures, but we will not tolerate sin that might hurt people in our congregation."

Staley is correct, we cannot tolerate sin within the body. But that applies to himself as much as anyone else. You, as a member of the body have a right to know the outcome of Jim’s court proceedings for your own safety.

Prayer Warriors

  • Please pray for the Staley family. Pray that Hashem would comfort them and continue to provide for them as Jim faces the consequences of his actions. Pray that G-d would show grace if he is truly humble.
  • Please pray for the Passion for Truth congregation, that her leaders would act according to God’s wisdom and that your Ruach Ha’Kodesh would lead their steps.
  • Please pray for the victims. That Hashem would restore what was lost. That the Ruach Ha’Kodesh would draw them to the Father.
  • Pray for the Messianic/Jewish/Christian roots movement. That Hashem would heal those who have been hurt through news of these events. Pray that the body would increase in biblical discernment through the Ruach Ha’Kodesh.

G-d bless.


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